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though it can typically go further, up to 1200 miles. the u.s. has been positioning patriot missile batteries across the region to protect their bases, harris. >> well, which western targets are most at risk at this point? >> well, there is the fifth fleet base in bahrain and united arab emirates and qatar. 30,000 u.s. troops in the gulf. the commander of revolutionary guards aerospace division said today quote, these bases are all in range of our missiles and the occupied lands. he was referring to israel are also good targets for us. western oil tankers are also targets, especially u.s. and european flag tankers making their way through the strait of hormuz. iran has threatened to target anyone oil elm bar go that began on july 1st. today we heard that kenya is canceling agreement to buy 4 million tons of crude a year
7:01 pm
40 billion a day in light new sanctions, harris. >> harris: diplomatically along what they have said stick to the sanctions to keep them to work. one agency breaking saxes to iran. >> eu sanctions. and we're now learning that a wing of the u.n. that is responsible for information technology and the transfer of that technology has broken sanctions against iran and north korea. the agency which is based in geneva is being investigated. we have more details on that tomorrow. >> harris: all right. jennifer griffin reporting for us live tonight from d.c. thank you very much it has happened again in afghanistan. a man dressed in an afghan army uniform shot and wounded five american soldiers that from officials there. they say the man opened fire with a machine gun outside a nato base in eastern afghanistan. no word on how badly the
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soldiers were hurt. inside attacks u.s. forces have become more frequent. as afghan troops prepare to take over their own security. a rare bright spotted in the troubled relationship between the united states and pakistan tonight. and it should help soon american troops in afghanistan. pakistan set to reopen those key nato supply lines into afghanistan tomorrow. after a diplomatic standoff that lasted seven months. as we have reported, pakistan closed those routes after a nato air strike last november that killed 24 pakistani troops. this week secretary of state hillary clinton apologizing for the losses. and with that, pakistan into the blockade. secretary clinton saying the reopening will now help the u.s. draw down the afghan mission at a much lower price tag. our dominic di-natale is in kandahar, afghanistan and earlier today he talked with soldiers helping pack up some major military equipment. >> right now we have multiple convoys going in and out off
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the base. we travel out to the forward bases. we deliver supplies and then we pick up equipment as we -- the base collapse and return it here to prepare t. >> pakistan roads are going to reopen, what does that mean for the mission here? what does it mean for the redeployment? >> it gives us more options and increasing our velocity as we move equipment out of those collapsing bases into the major hubs to move out of country. >> we're getting out of here faster and cheaper. going to save taxpayers money? >> obviously it will help us move things quicker to our major bases it would save us money, yes, because it will help us deliver the supplies out of country on cheaper routes. >> just how much money are we talking about? well, just last week the pentagon asked congress for more than $2 billion to cover the from the closure of those supply routes. well, u.s. troops around the world marking the fourth of july with some all american celebrations of their own. the top u.s. commander in
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afghanistan general john allen speaking with soldiers today in the capital of kabul. service members cutting into a giant cake in the shape of the american flag. and these troops that you see here in australia, holding an old fashioned barbecue on the menu burgers, ribs and dogs and then of course a softball game to work t all off. president obama kicked off this independence day with 25 u.s. service members as they became america's newest citizens. all are active duty troops in the country legally and chose to serve. today they took the oath of allegiance and became americans. >> you put on the uniform of a country that was not yet fully your own. in the time of war. some of you deployed into harm's way. you displayed the values that we celebrate every fourth of july. duty, responsibility. and patriotism. >> and the president using the ceremony to, again, call for immigration reform. he also mentioned his recent
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order to halt deportations of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to came to the u.s. as children. the president hits the road tomorrow for his first bus tour of the 2012 campaign. is he scheduled to stop in ohio and pennsylvania. both considered key election swing states as you know. republic presidential candidate mitt romney spending this independence day in massachusetts. the state where he served as governor. he and his wife ann taking part in the annual fourth of july parade in the town of wolf borough. the romneys in massachusetts for the week a long vacation at their lakeside estate there. also in a cbs interview earlier today governor romney commented on last week's supreme court decision. the ruling found forcing people to get healthcare for a price is constitutional because the payment would be a tax not a penalty. governor romney saying today he disagrees but if the supreme court says it is a tax, that's effectively what it is. >> i said that i agreed with the dissent.
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and the dissent made it very clear that they felt it was unconstitutional. but the dissent lost. it's in the nirnt. and so now the supreme court has spoken and while i agreed with the dissent, that's taken over by the fact that the majority of the courts said it's a tax and therefore it is a tax. they have spoken. there is no way around that you can say you wish they would have decided a different way but they didn't. >> >> harris: we want to make a correction here. he was actually in new hampshire earlier today, not massachusetts. earlier in the week, a romney campaign senior advisor said the governor viewed it as a penalty or a fine, talking now again about the mandate portion of the rah fordable care act. blistering heat. power outages, forcing a lot of people to change their independence day plans, coming up, a look at how they are coping with tough times and still managing to have some fun on this fourth. the united states marine who is doing a whole lot of pushups to raise money for our wounded warriors.
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wait until you hear how many. that's coming up inside "the fox report." stay close. >> i'm stationed in pa gram afghanistan. i wanted to give out a shoutout to my mom, dad and brother in arkansas. hope you have a fourth of july.
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>> harris: 1 million people spending this holiday sweating
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it out in a deadly heat wave with no way to stay cool. no a.c. for many it is their fifth straight day without electricity. this following last week super storm system that rolled across the midwest and east. the hardest hit areas centered around the nation's capitol. utility crews as far as away from florida and canada joining to restore power. officials blaming four deaths in maryland on the heat wave. that's separate from the death toll that we saw from the actual storm. in tennessee officials say the heat is likely what killed some 10,000 fish that washed ashore. it's all adding up to the fourth, some might rather forget. some communities calling off independence day celebrations, well, no doubt, they don't have electricity. at least four fireworks shows canceled in maryland alone. even with the soaring temperatures and threat of more bad storms this weekend because we have some stomp watches out there. hundreds of thousands of people are still expected to pack d.c. to celebrate our nation's birthday. steve centanni live at the
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national mall this half hour. 100 degrees or better still out there? >> that's right. it's always hot in the summer in washington, d.c. on the fourth of july. this is not unusual. except that it was a little bit hotter and steamier today than normal. 98 degrees. heat index of 100 to 105-degrees. a lot of people didn't come down here early. they are just arriving now because the fireworks will be in about two hours and they are just now getting down here. you can take a look around. i'm in front of washington monument. the crowds are kind of sparse. usually at this time this mall would be covered with people wall-to-wall people. right now they are still arriving and we may not fill up the mall like we normally do. as you can see over this direction, people taking the metro, walking, taking buses, arriving, up toward the washington monument. you don't have to be at the monument to seat fireworks. you can be anywhere in the area. anybody who has a problem, we can take a look at video of
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one of the cooling centers down the road here. six of these. doctors are there. they have water stocked. they have fans to cool you off. even a sprinkler you can run through. if anybody does have a problem with heat exhaustion or even god forbid heat stroke which is much more serious, they can go to these cooling centers and get treatment. and one of the doctors described the danger. here he he is now. >> the biggest problem we have are heat injuries. people who come out in the sun without adequate protection. some people have had too much to drink. some have had too little to drink. hydration status is little confused so they feel ill and they come seeking aid from us. >> so people have been advised that drink a lot of water and wear a lot of sunscreen although now we have a little bit of a cloud cover and it's possible we could get some thunderstorms so the chance though is only about 10%. harris? >> yeah, you know, i wanted to follow up with that i was reading on the associated press wires and looking on some of the maps earlier there is a threat of bad weather for
7:13 pm
some areas. >> right. well, always in the summer, again, like the heat, you have the thunderstorms that come rolling through in the afternoon. that's always a danger during the fourth of july. three times during the past 25 years they have had to evacuate the entire mall. but, of course, security a problem, too. and people come down here. they have to go through the security checkpoints. we have pictures of that i want to get that to first. then we will talk more about the weather. security checkpoints where people go through the magnetometers, check your bags, random checks see if you have explosives or illegal drugs or anything like that. police are issuing a warning that has become all too familiar in this day and age, let's listen. pleasure. >> we just want people to keep in mind that again, there is going to be large crowds down here. we ask the public if you see anything out of the ordinary. if you see something, please
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say something. >> okay. so there you go. if you see something, please say something. but we expect a peaceful night. there has been no problem in the past few years. and crowds are sparse but the excitement will build as the next couple hours go on and the fireworks get closer. harris? >> harris: steve centanni reporting for us. thank you very much. people celebrating in d.c. you heard steve talking about the tips for drinking water and staying hydrated. it's interesting. they are now being sent straight to their cell phones so you can't escape the news. the u.s. park police has set up or department has set up a new communications service that let's officials send text messages directly to people visiting the city. the message that they sent just a couple hours ago urging visitors to drink plenty of fluids, use the sunscreen that you heard steve talk about. and try to stay in the shade. all right. allegations of vote buying. raising new questions about last sunday's elections in mexico. thousands of people have been
7:15 pm
rushing grocery stores there trying to cash in gift cards. they say they got them from the political party which went on to win the presidency. it's not illegal under mexican law for political parties to give voters gifts. unless it's meant continue to influence a vote. both the political party and the president elect's campaign deny making any arrangement with the grocery stores for those gift cards. a discovery that may help explain the very creation of the universe. scientists say they found something nobody has ever seen before and t could be the so-called god particle. winning three paralympic titles apparently not enough. how one guy sets to olympic games like never before. don't miss it. >> hello i'm captain donnell main from 214 fires be grade. i want to wish everyone at the fire centers of excellence a
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happy fourth of july and my wife happy birthday son dominic happy fourth of july. leaders. ♪ ♪ ♪
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they claim the resulting back that you see here has just revealed a tiny piece of matter which may be that missing link, the god particle. greg palkot with the news now from our london bureau. >> harris, it amazing break through with a pretty normal name. higgs peter higgs the facist who came up with the idea 50 years ago and bowston subatomic particle. here is how they broke the news today in switzerland. >> this is very very important. this is why not everybody is not only excited about the discovery. the prospects this discovery opens for us. >> uncovered using huge atom smasher at the european center for nuclear research near geneva. recreated the conditions of the big bang which scientists say was the starting point for the creation of the universe billions of years ago. then, they looked for the particle key to bringing it all together after that bang
7:21 pm
they already had found 11 of 12 particles backing up the theory this was the missing link. why everyone was so excited today. scientists say it's a one in a million chance it was a fluke. they still say they need more work to nail it down. 83-year-old higgs was in attendance today. he says he was happy to be proven right. and u.s. energy secretary chu issued a statement regarding the discovery. he said this shows the benefit of sustained investment in basic science by governments around the world. science and political spin. harris? >> harris: as everything. greg, thank you. the september 11th memorial at the site of the world trade center hosting very special visitors today. more than a dozen veterans all severely injured in wars in iraq and afghanistan stopping by earlier. two charities organized the event to honor them. those charities working together to build smart houses which should let disabled warriors live more independently. one shoulder to lost his arms and legs roadside bomb in iraq
7:22 pm
moved in and said it's a relevy. >> helping veterans in own special way. a marine in florida doing 1 million pushups. that's the number he wants to hit by the end of the year raising money and awareness for the wounded warrior project along the way. he says he is half way there his workout is intense, people. nearly 3,000 pushups a day. >> it's an all day event. and it's an event that i think has a worthy cause. there is people out there who are struggling day-to-day from losing a limb or something. so, this just my way to give back to them and tell them thank you. >> harris: marine sergeant says he has already raised about $10,000 for charity. god bless him. well, a double amputee is set to make history in london later this month as the first amputee track athlete to compete in the olympic particular games. oscar has lived nearly his entire life without lower
7:23 pm
legs. he was born with a disorder and doctors amputated his legs below the knee at 11 months old. is he known as a blade runner because he runs on carbon blades which some people argue give him an unfair advantage. officials cleared him in 2008 and now he set is to run the 400-meter and 4 by 400 relay in london. is he also going to try his fourth pair olympic title and one of our producers has quite a crush on him so he might have to run from her. three dozen wildfires now burning up the western u.s. and one of them is being called the most destructive in the state's history. we have been reporting on this. ahead, the latest on the battle to keep more homes from going up in flames. a lifeguard runs in to help a man who is struggling in the water. today, he is unemployed. what does he do that got him fired? do you agree or disagree with his punishment? we report. you decide. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. >> hi, this is first lt. with
7:24 pm
the first military battalion stationed at bob joyce, afghanistan. i want to wish 9/11 tucson, arizona a happy fourth of july. enjoy the holiday. eseses
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and the more money we raise... the more people we can help... because saving lives doesn't take a lot... it just takes a lot of us. >> harris: between t hot dog eating contest earlier and fireworks to come. new york city gets a lot of attention this time of year. but behind all the glitz, a city that has played a major role in the founding of our nation. shepard smith with the closer look now at some of the sites that were around back then and are still here today. >> new york city 1765, if you guys looked around, you would see farm land. >> >> shepard: things have changed a lot around here in the past two centuries if you know where to look. >> lower manhattan here to the tip of the island. >> can you still catch glimpse of the past. >> everybody forgets new york was around during the american revolution. everybody thinks of new york reinventing itself, finance all the time that's true.
7:28 pm
new york did play a significant role during the time period. we kind of get overshadowed by boston and philadelphia. i like to many do out and talk about it. >> shepard: karen leads walking tours through historic lower manhattan. we tagged along last week as she guided a couple from california. past street musicians performing outside a park. where colonists and british soldiers fought several times in years leading up to the war. it's where new yorkers first learned of a momentous event. >> july 9th, 1976. george washington finds out that the guys in philadelphia have at last signed a declaration of independence. asked that a copy be write and read to the men on the common. he says most of the men are going to die as a result of the document being signed know what they're giving their lives for. >> nearby, a monument who-to-a man who did just that. >> it honors the first american military officer who die in service to the nation. major general richard montgomery. >> the spot in the first u.s. capital. >> he took the oath of office
7:29 pm
up on the balcony. >> shepard: where george washington game the first u.s. president. it happened on wall street. >> this is my old work neighborhood. kind of weird. >> shepard: she quit her job in finance after the attacks of 9/11. >> a lot of people i knew that i worked with left during that time period as well to go pursue things they found more gratifying than just simply making money. >> this, she tells us, is what gratifies her. >> people still leave flowers for mr. hamilton. the most visited grave in the graveyard alexander hamilton. >> the people taking the tour seem to enjoy it as much as she does. >> i just think it's a great idea to go and learn a little bit. it doesn't take very long, right? become familiar with the history and how we got here and the people that were important to the things that are important to us today that we take for granted. >> the among the final stops a park vandalize the surrounding fence. >> it had crowned ornaments on it. they tore town the statue. hacked every crown ornament off the fence and melted it
7:30 pm
for 42,000 musket balls. >> no doubt many pass by this area every days without realizing historical significance. >> people when they learn history boring and remote hard for people to connect to it. i feel like if i come out and tell stories about real people and what happened they can connect better with those people and see that they really weren't that different from what we are today and those issues they faced aren't that much different than what we face today. >> shepard: in new york, shepard smith, fox news. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. people across the nation braving the heat to mark the 236 year of america's independence from great britain. we're seeing dangerously high temperatures in some spots. into the triple digits for days now. bone dry conditions and continuing wildfires of the west. forcing officials to cancel some of the fires shows. pars of the region did finally get a little bit of rain. let's go to meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. janice, let's tart with the heat and the worst of it? >> the worst of it is across
7:31 pm
the heartland unfortunately again, harris where we have heat advisories up where we could feel temperatures from 105 to 110 to even 115 degrees. and that's going to continue for several days. as you can see these those are our heat advisories stretching in toward the mid-atlantic. heat index is the temperature plus the humidity, what t feels like, 103 degrees in chicago. 103 in st. louis. 103 in d.c. where folks are still suffering. a lot of people without power. this is oppressive and really dangerous. 103 in d.c. 100 in raleigh. 107 in st. louis. incredible heat. 108 in louisville. it's not going anywhere, unfortunately, harris. >> harris: some of those places i want to draw attention to don't always get this hot during the summertime. some of them do but not everybody. what about severe weather. >> we are seeing potential for
7:32 pm
severe weather across the midwest. great lakes, northeast. some of the areas hit hard few days ago with that show. upper midwest, great lakes, towards mid-atlantic region. up towards new england where we could see large hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes. of course, a lot of folks are outside fort fireworks display. so keep a close ear to your local weather forecast. and a close eye on the sky. there are your watches and warnings as you can see. we have several watches. that means thunderstorms are likely in these areas. and we have severe thunderstorm warnings kind of dotted across the map here where we are actually seeing severe weather, harris. >> harris: we haven't seen the other side of the country. i'm curious how the weather is affecting the wildfires in the midwest. >> you know what i have good news. seasonal shift in the wind. it's called the monsoon season. bringing welcome welcome rain across the west where we have wildfires burning. so that's bringing the temperature down. bringing the relative humidity up and bringing lots -- well,
7:33 pm
we're hoping lots of moisture in the days to come. just a quick look at your forecast for one of the areas, colorado springs that we have been dealing with that waldo wildfire. again, good news, especially in the afternoon where we could see some showers and thunderstorms bringing heavy downpours and the temperatures going down and the winds are light. some good news. >> harris: yes, a blessing on this fourth of july. janice, the weather machine. thank you very much. we appreciate that. now, i want to stick with the wildfires. many of them raging out west are growing. potentially they will get that rain and that will help out. cleared several air force tanker to return to the front lines. they tend to get bigger fog a weekend crash. crews battling 36 of those fires across nine western states. several of them burning in colorado. killing at least six people. you just heard janice talking about it the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs the most destructive in that state's history. "the denver post" reporting it's caused some $110 million
7:34 pm
in property damage in just one neighborhood. the fire destroying hundreds of homes. many just piles of ash now. let's go inside that situation with alicia acuna who is live in denver tonight. alyssia? >> hi, harris, the state health department here in colorado issued a wildfire smoke health advisory for the front range and right now over the city of denver there is a gray white haze just sitting over the city. officials say it's smoke from wildfires burning in montana and wyoming. local news stations were calming followers on twitter as folks were concerned there was a new one. that combination of wind and heat brought the smoke screen, harris? >> i was reading one popped up today, they got it contained pretty quickly outside of los angeles and a unof in wildfires continue to burn across the west. >> yeah. dozens, and actually in utah, several vehicles burned and there were evacuations in salt lake city after a brush fire ignited there.
7:35 pm
>> conditions are extreme. it's dry. there hasn't been any water or moisture in more than a month and the winds are high. you put all three of those together. and it's nearly merely an explosive situation. >> and in colorado springs, the national weather service issued a flash flood watch waldo fire. danger after wildfires with the potential for heavy run off. harris? >> well, and janice dean just moments ago forecasting rain for some of those areas. we hope and pray that will be the case. alicia acuna reporting tonight. thank you. a florida lifeguard says he was fired for trying to save someone's life. it happened near fort lauderdale. the now former lifeguard says he was on duty monday when someone asked him to help save a man from drowning and by the time he got to the scene, bystanders had pulled the struggling man out of the water. the lifeguard says he helped the victim until the paramedics arrived. but the company that employed him gave him the boot. turns out the drowning man was
7:36 pm
outside the section of beach the lifeguard was supposed to patrol. still, he says, he would do it again. >> if i see someone and i have the ability to help. >> i'm going to go help them. i'm not going to worry about jurisdiction or any other other nonsense like that. >> an official with the company says the lifeguard broke a company rule. and it could have put swimmers in his section of the beach at risk. two other lifeguards though have quit in protest of his firing. >> an al qaeda inspired terror group now reportedly claiming responsibility for dozens of attacks across syria. but rebel firefighters there say they have nothing to do with any terror groups. how is that happening? details ahead. be careful where you drive your forklift. i was just saying that the other day. apparently you could fall right through the sidewalk. >> wer surge, let it blow your mind.
7:37 pm
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>> harris: in sierra rebel fires say they have captured militia men. marching the pro-government firefighters through the street of the syrian town. we cannot confirm. according to the united nations syrian government militia may be responsible for killing hundreds of people in syria. claiming another top ranking syrian officer has fled to turkey they say that makes 16 such defections so far. [explosion] >> harris: meanwhile this amateur video shows intense shelling in the city of homs. the same day team tried to visit the area. we cannot confirm the authenticity. syrian opposition claimed 800 people have died in the uprising just this week. syrian's government blaming the violence on arm tis terrorists we are learning a possible tie to al qaeda. a group tied to al qaeda possibly claiming responsibility for these latest attacks on syria. >> exactly. harris. especially some of the larger
7:41 pm
car bombs and more sophisticated attacks. we are talking about the al nuestra brigade. a syndicate of al allocated in al qaeda in iraq. when you put in one of these groups into the mix it changes the dynamic drastically. we just saw today that the proverbial noose is now tightening on assad. amateur video out of damascus about 17 people killed in shelling on civilian areas. and president assad really only has two friends left. russia and iran. and right now the united states, rather than taking aim at president assad who hasn't listened to the international community is now going after russia and trying to convince them that continuing to support assad and the u.n. and also continuing to send in weapons is simply a losing proposition and hoping they will walk away from assad. if that happens, things may begin to shift dramatically in
7:42 pm
terms of the power game there inside of syria. >> leland, you have got what's going on inside the country. after that turkish jet was shot down, you have a very tense situation on the turkish border. >> very very intense. we have seen fighter jets scrambled to anger. today it was announced by the government that their search and rescue teams did find bodies of those two pilots who were shot down by syrian air defenses and it's important to note that if all of a sudden these two sides, syria and turkey start shooting at each other on this border, which is very possible with this tense as things are turkey is the nato ally which means they can invoke article five of the treaty. that brings the united states into a shooting war with syria. that would probably not end very well for president assad. but at the same time, you have the incredible pit falls of getting involved in a war inside syria. and that means u.s. pilots
7:43 pm
would face those very strong russian air defense systems that the syrians have which could cause casualties on the u.s. side. harris? >> harris: leland vittert reporting tonight. thank you very much. monsoonal rains have stopped for now. 77 people reported dead in flooding that they caused. this is our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." india. the army evacuating thousands of stranded villagers setting up relief camps and air dropping food into parts of the northeastern state. officials saying they are now worried about a disease epidemic because of contaminated water. peru. gunfire in the streets of a northern town. gold mine turned deadly. officials saying several people died as armed
7:44 pm
protesters attacked a town hall. germany. when a bailiff and his team went to evict a man from his apartment in a southwestern town, the man took them hostage and eventually killed most of them. that's according to local police a survivor claiming the suspect had a machine gun and two hand grenades. police saying they believe the gunmen is among the dead in that apartment. the philippines. this monster crocodile, the largest held in captivity in the world according to the guinness book of world records. hunters captured it last year after blaming it for the death of a fisherman and a young girl. they say the reptile weighs more than a ton and attracts hundreds of tourists every day. after a while, you know the drill. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> a forklift fell right through a city sidewalk in western massachusetts. and federal safety officials say they want to know why. and officials saying the forklift was moving large
7:45 pm
roadside planters in downtown springfield when it somehow plummeted into cellar. the operator went minor injuries. the heavy equipment should not have been on the sidewalk in the first place. steel plates are now covering the hole while officials investigate. when presidents deliver speeches have you ever seen the blue flags that are behind them? did you know a special team sewss each by hand? you will hear from philadelphia's flag lady next. one cameraman captured bird's eye view of fireworks lighting up the sky. we will will play t for you. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways
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>> harris: celebrating america on "the fox report" and in philadelphia some talented ladies are preserving an historic tradition sewing the presidential flag by hand. this is the finished product. weeks of effort and dozen different colors of thread to sew the flag very close eye for detail. jamie colby has more. >> harris, every one of the presidential flags is hand sown in philadelphia. >> the vice presidential and presidential flag are very unique. it takes two ladies sewing in tandem 45 days to compete one flag. >> in the flag room in philadelphia 13 so-called flag ladies work stitch by stitch to make the presidential standard. >> with the hand embroidery work we put a little bit more love in our work. >> more love and hand sewing
7:50 pm
allows for the flag's double sided mirror effect there are no knots or stray threads on either side. appearance singles the presence of the america's leader. >> it makes you feel good when you see, you know, you see the president next to the flag and say well, i did that. >> the flags go with the presidents when there is a change of administration so a new president in november would need a lot more sewing. >> we are kind of waiting for the next presidential election big year inaugurations and presidential elections are kind of a big deal to the flag room because of the amount of flags that will be ordered if there is the inaugural parade. so, we have to wait and see. >> the ladies made 96 flags for president obama's administration. they took two years to complete that order. harris? >> jamie, thank you. looking for a good place to watch tonight's fireworks? how about the view from above? that's how one guy captured
7:51 pm
the motions, three balloons and shot fireworks at the rig as it floated into the sky. he wanted to see what it looked like from the view of the fireworks and, look, there he he is. fascinating. a guy tosses a bring through a store window just to get some smokes and it's all caught on tape it is our top story on a fox trip across america. california. police in sacramento releasing this surveillance video of last week's break. in you can see the crook pulling himself through the broken window and jumping right past another camera on his way to the cigarettes. yep, just a few packs apparently all he took. oregon. rescuers air lifting a dog that got stranded on the side of a 200-foot cliff. >> the humane society gave me one of the owner's t-shirts and as soon as she sniffed that she was right up against me and she was ready to go then. >> the dog had tumbled into a quarry and landed on a ledge.
7:52 pm
daze the pit bull now safe and sound on solid ground. >> alabama, 400 pounds of well-placed explosives bringing down a 13-story dormitory at the university of alabama. the school demolished the 43-year-old building to make room for a new dorm. pennsylvania. the town of corse carks northeast of pittsburgh has been holding fourth of july parades since 1953. and this year's grand marshall has been around nearly a half century longer at 102 she is the town's oldest living native. >> i lived on the road -- coast to coast. 42 times. i kept my apartment in corsica for years. and they paid $40 a month rent. >> she now lives in another town nearby. and that's a fox watch across america. >> if you have ever lost a pet, you know that panicked
7:53 pm
feeling you get. what do you do first? apparently you should check twitter. see how t helped one owner find her puppy fast. you're watching the most powerful name in news. you know it fox. >> hello i'm specialist tyler duncan from colorado stationed in balgram, afghanistan, wish ago wonderful fourth of july to my wife amberly and all my friends and family back at home. i love you and miss you and will be home soon.
7:54 pm
♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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7:56 pm
>> harris: before the fireworks, there are always a ton of frankfurters, the annual nathan's fourth of july hot dog eating contest today one way to mark the holiday. thousands gathering the coney island to watch joey chestnut win sixth straight title. took home $10,000 for the prize. keep the custard colored belt as well. sonia thomas pushed through the claim to eat 45 hot dogs.
7:57 pm
you know, they have been doing this contest for 97 years. lost dog posters could be a thing of the past. which irish rail workers found a dog on a train in dublin, they posted a tweet with his picture attached. more than 500 others retweeted it. the owner in a different city tweeted that's my dog. apparently the dog patch hopped the train and traveled 20 miles. owners say they almost wished twitter hadn't worked too well they were getting quite attached to patch. and on this day in 1917, u.s. troops marched through paris in first public display in world war 1. the nearly 200 american soldiers wouldn't hit the battlefield for months. their arrive gave a huge boost of morale to the allies in desperate need of fresh legs. general john pershing french aristocrat day lafayette. during the levy usingary roll
7:58 pm
lafayette fought for us at his request buried under american soil. took dirt for him. charles stanton famously declared lafayette, we are here. returning the favor 95 years ago today. and that is how fox reports on this wednesday july 4th, 2012. i'm harris faulknern tonight for shepard smith. we'll be back same time tomorrow. hope to see you then. the factor is next. have a fabulous holiday. enjoy the fireworks. >> special o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> >> bill: special edition of the factor. were you crying in cheney's office. >> not tears were in his eyes. >> bill: what does marco rubio think of obama -- >> bill: everybody is in
7:59 pm
elective office if their country calls and asks, you have to. what would donald trump do to get america back on track? >> you don't start behaving 25% tax on every item you sell in this country, 25% right now. >> bill: plus former president bill clinton, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and cardinal timothy dollan all join us tonight. we can't back down from this fight because it's about religious freedom. it's close to the very heart. >> we have the best wrapped into one right now. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us us tonight. special edition of the factor. top story, florida senator marco rubio

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